How To Reheat An Apple Pie

how to reheat an apple pie

That feeling of biting into a warm, delicious slice of apple pie is something that not many other dishes can compete with. But no matter how much you love this classic dessert, it’s fairly common to have some leftovers after a big holiday meal. 

So, what should you do with those cold leftovers that are not as delightful as they once were? You reheat them, of course!

Fortunately, apple pies are quite easy to reheat, and there are actually several ways you can do it. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best methods to reheat your apple pie so they don’t go to waste.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Reheating in the Oven

The first and most preferred method to reheat apple pie is using the oven. While it takes slightly longer than the other methods, it is still very effective and will give the best result. The first thing you should do is preheat your oven all the way up to 350°F. And while you’re at it, place parchment paper under the pie. Once the oven is ready, you can start warming up your apple pie. 

For the best result, warm the pie for about 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes is up, take out the pie and check the temperature. See if the crust is warm and fully toasted. Next, check the fruity center as well. If it’s not warm enough for you, you can reheat it again for about 5 minutes or until it reaches your desired temperature. 

Reheating in the Toaster Oven

Reheating your leftover apple pie in a toaster oven is almost the same as reheating in the oven. The same rules apply here. The only difference is that the toaster oven provides better heat distribution. And as such, you need less time to warm your pie up. 

As usual, preheat the toaster oven up to 350°F. Place the parchment paper on the tray, followed by the pie. You can also place aluminum foil over the pie to prevent burnt crust. Warm up for just 10 minutes, and you’ll be done. 

Take out the apple pie and check the temperature inside and out. If you think it’s not warm enough, you can put it back in and reheat for about 5 more minutes or until the pie is warm from the inside. 

While it’s a little faster than the traditional oven, both oven and toaster oven are still slow compared to other methods. You can also try the other methods if you don’t have time to wait. 

Reheating in the Air-Fryer

Using the air-fryer is another excellent method to reheat your leftover apple pie. Not only does this method provide the results as the oven and toaster oven, but it is also less time-consuming. You’ll always get the perfect texture and quality if you do it correctly. 

In this method, you first need to wrap your pie slices in aluminum foil. It will maintain moisture as well as prevent the slices from breaking into pieces. Once that is done, place the foil-wrapped slices inside the air fryer and heat it at 350°F. Let it warm for about 5 to 7 minutes. You can reheat it again for a couple more minutes if it’s not warm enough. 

Reheat in a Microwave

Out of all the methods, the microwave is easily the fastest one. However, we do not recommend this one unless you’re absolutely in a hurry. Why? Because a microwave does not give the best end results. It leaves the pie’s crust soft and soggy. 

For this method, you will need a microwave-safe dish. Now, place your pie slices on the plate and heat them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Repeat the process in 30-second intervals until it is warm enough for you. It shouldn’t take more than 90 seconds to warm it up. 

What’s the Right Way to Store an Apple Pie?

You might wonder whether you should store your leftover apple pie in the fridge or just leave it on the kitchen counter. Ideally, if you want your leftover apple pie to stay fresh a little longer, you’ll want to leave it in the fridge. Make sure to put a lid on it or maybe use plastic wrap. This will help keep your apple pie good for up to 4 days.

However, if you’ve forgotten them on the counter, don’t stress about it. Apple pie on the tabletop can last for at least a day or two. But not more than that. After that period, you’ll need to store them in the fridge. 

Before you start reheating, make sure to check in on them to see if they still smell and look good though. Sometimes, your leftovers can go bad even if you’ve followed all the right steps.