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Our principles
Popularizing the art of reheating leftovers

Reheating food is quite different from cooking the food in the first place. From texture control to temperature settings, there are some basic principles that when followed, can take your food reheating game to the next level.

Food safety

Food safety is crucial, especially when dealing with leftover food. Different types of food have different Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures. When in doubt, we recomment checking the FDA guidelines for safe food handling.

Decreasing food waste

Food waste is a big problem, especially in developed nations. According to Feeding America, 108 billion pounds of food are wasted each year in the U.S. This is equivalent to over $400M and amounts to roughly 40% of all food in America.

Maximizing taste

Reheated food can taste amazing. Moreover, many foods benefit from being reheated. Famous examples include lasagna, soups and chicken curry. And let's not forget about double fried french fries :).