How to reheat fried chicken

how to reheat fried chicken

Fried chicken is famous all around the world and is one of the best comfort foods. Children and adults alike have a love affair with fried chicken. You can either order them or fry them up yourself at home.

Sometimes, after having your fill of fried chicken, there are leftovers, and you keep them stored away to have later. However, after the chicken gets cold, it doesn’t taste the same anymore. For this reason, it is essential to know how to reheat fried chicken.

Through this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to reheat fried chicken properly.

Using a Skillet to Reheat Fried Chicken

Using a skillet is one of the most traditional methods to reheat the fried chicken. It takes some effort to reheat the chicken pieces, but the result is more than satisfying.

You must take the chicken pieces out of the fridge and leave them at room temperature for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes so that they can get reheated properly. If you toss the chicken pieces into the skillet right after taking them out from the fridge, only the outer skin will get heated. The inside of the chicken will still be cold, and you do not want to eat a cold piece of fried chicken.

Here are the steps you can follow to reheat chicken on a skillet.

Using an Oven to Reheat Fried Chicken

Ovens can be found in almost all households because they are convenient for baking and, most importantly, used for reheating cold food. You can also reheat your leftover pieces of chicken in an oven, producing excellent results.

Before reheating your fried chicken pieces, the most important thing to remember is to take them out of the fridge and let them rest for a while. This step is vital so that the fried chicken gets heated all the way from the skin to the insides.

The same idea is applied when reheating fried chicken in the oven. Follow the simple steps below to reheat the chicken in an oven.

Do not jump right in to bite into the chicken pieces, as they will be piping hot and might burn your mouth. Leave it to cool for a while and enjoy the delicious reheated chicken.

Using an Air Fryer to Reheat Chicken

Air fryers have become sensational cooking appliances in the kitchen in recent years, and people have also started using them to reheat the fried chicken.

The positive impact of using an air fryer is that there is less grease involved, unlike other cooking methods. It uses hot air to make fried foods, giving them a crispy and crunchy exterior.

Always keep the leftover fried chicken at room temperature for a while after taking it out from the fridge, so it doesn’t lose its moisture while reheating. Let us look at the steps involved in reheating fried chicken using an air fryer.

If you have many pieces of fried chicken left, you will be able to air-fry only a few at a time. 

Is searing a good way to reheat fried chicken?

Some people use the method of searing leftover fried chicken in a pan to make it hot. Seasoned cooks can reheat chicken by searing it in a pan, but it may not be the same for other people.

Searing requires only tiny drops of oil, so it is essential to keep checking your chicken, so it doesn’t get burnt on the outside. Searing large chunks of fried chicken in a pan is not ideal as the heat will not spread evenly.

The best way to reheat your fried chicken in a pan is to cut it into smaller pieces and sear it till it gets hot. Frequently stirring the fried chicken frequently is essential while using the searing method to reheat.

Can you still eat fried chicken without reheating?

If you are unsure about reheating the fried chicken, you can always eat it straight from the fridge. Leftover fried chicken tastes good sometimes, even without reheating it. You can have it with a hot bowl of rice and other condiments, add it to sandwiches and salads, etc.


You can always eat leftover fried chicken without reheating it, but you will not experience the same feeling when eaten hot. Reheating fried chicken gives it a crispy and crunchy interior, with a tender and juicy inside.

You will not experience the same taste as when you initially bought the fried chicken but reheating leftovers is still a healthy option. Eating cold food can sometimes upset your stomach and cause nausea.

You can use different methods to reheat your fried chicken, like using an air fryer, oven, microwave, pan, skillet, etc. Reheating fried chicken using a skillet and pan can be labor-intensive, whereas reheating it in an oven, microwave, or air-fryer is much easier and requires fewer steps.