How To Reheat Fries In Oven

how to reheat fries in oven

Hot and crispy fries never disappoint. Called by many names and made in many places, French fries, as they’re popularly known, are perhaps the world’s most popular snacks. 

But while fries taste incredible when hot and fresh, they’re not appetizing when cold. They turn soft, and you may think the fries are something else. 

You may want to throw them out, but is there any chance to revive them? Yes, and the oven is one of the methods that you can use to reheat French fries.

Reheating Fries in Oven

It’s one of the preferred ways, as you can put a large number of fries in one go, thus saving you time. Here is how you can reheat fries in the oven:


There is another method to reheat fries in the oven, and here is how you do it.

Go easy on the water and oil. You don’t want your fries to be soggy with water or saturated with oil.

Other Methods To Reheat Fries


You can also reheat fries on the stovetop using a non-stick or cast-iron pan. You can use a little oil to get crispy skin. You may come across different methods to reheat fries on a stovetop. 

Each technique will bring different results, so choose the one which seems to be what you expect the outcome to be.

Air Fryer

The air fryer is also one of the methods that you can use to reheat fries. It’s also quick and easy. The downside to this technique is you can’t reheat large batches in one go.


Many people suggest that you must not use the microwave for reheating fries. However, you can use this technique when you’re short of time. But you must make it a point to follow the instructions carefully, or you won’t be satisfied with the results. 

Deep Fryer

You can also use a deep fryer to reheat fries. Just make sure that the oil is at the right temperature. If it’s too hot, your fries will burn; if it’s cold, the fries will be oily and soft.

While some say you must not use this method, others swear by it and say it’s the best way to reheat fries. 

You refry the fries in hot oil, so those who like this technique may be right. The key is the temperature, as mentioned earlier.  

Is The Oven The Best Choice For Reheating Fries?

Everyone has different opinions regarding this question. Some say it’s the best next to the deep fryer, and some say it’s the best technique.

However, it all depends on the steps you take, the number of fries to reheat, and the thickness of the fries. 

You can try each method and see for yourself to know which is best. That way, you can avoid those methods that don’t give the desired results. 

What Other Ways Can You Use Leftover Fries?

Crispy and sizzling hot fries are to die for. But when cold, they lose their appeal. But you can revive them using the techniques mentioned above. 

If you don’t wish to eat them on their own, you can also use them in various dishes. You can


It’s best to eat fries sizzling hot when they’re crisp. But if you have leftovers, try the oven method and the others. 

Once you find out which offers the best results, you can go with it every time. You can enjoy the fries, add them to other dishes and not waste food unnecessarily.