How to reheat pizza

how to reheat pizza

Got leftover pizza and wondering what to do with it? Perhaps, keeping it in the fridge would be a good option, and have it later. Why waste food! 

Some of you might be skeptical about having leftover foods, but official reports have stated that it’s safe when reheated properly. And we are aware that most people are too lazy to reheat food, thus having it cold instead. 

Now, this may not be a good practice as it can affect your health. In the case of a pizza, having a cold slice of it would be a nightmare. Hence, reheating is the best option!

And if you’re wondering how to reheat pizza, we have it covered! Keep reading as we share tips and ideas to reheat pizza while retaining its original taste. 

Here are the top three ways to reheat pizza worth giving a shot!

Some people don’t like having reheated pizza or food, and it's understandable. Why? One reason would be because reheated food loses its original taste or flavor. 

Besides, some find it controversial or weird to reheat pizza and have it. But you'd be surprised to know that reheated pizza tastes good if done in the right way. Also, it’s a universal fact that most people reheat pizza or any other food in a microwave.

It is a useful kitchen utility, but we have a better option for reheating pizzas. Heating leftover pizza from the microwave allows the crust to get chewier. If you like chewy crust, then you have the liberty to use this appliance. 

Besides microwave, there are three different ways to heat leftover pizza, which you can check below:

  1. Get your grill to the action!

Grill may not be the first choice for heating leftover foods, including pizza. We can’t comment on other food items, but reheating pizza on a grill is one of the best ways that’s worth giving a shot.

The crust of the pizza gets directly in contact with the heated grill making it crispier. Additionally, pizza toppings get indirect heat allowing warm and melty cheese. 

If you haven't tried heating pizza on a grill yet, here is how to do it:

  1. Reheating pizza in the oven

An oven is mainly used for baking, and reheating pizza seems odd. However, this is one of the best ways to reheat leftover pizza and retain its original taste and flavor. 

It's common knowledge that a pizza is baked in an oven. So, reheating it, in the same way, would be a good idea. However, here is what you need to consider: allowing gradual reheating of pizza crust.

Stored pizza crust gets dry and stiff! Reheating gradually gives sufficient time to release moisture without getting chewy. Check the process below to reheat pizza in an oven:

  1. Reheating pizza on the stovetop using a skillet

This reheating method is excellent for those who don't have an oven, grill, or microwave! Using a skillet, you can heat leftover pizza without any hassle. It may not be the most popular method, but what can we say? The best ones are often underappreciated. 

The direct heat to the pizza crust leads to a good crisp, while the steam allows the toppings to melt evenly. One note of caution, though: avoid using a cast iron skillet as it tends to heat up fast! We recommend using a non-stick skillet to prevent burning and even heat distribution. 

Check the steps below to reheat pizza on a stovetop using a skillet:

These are the three simple ways to reheat leftover pizzas without any hassle. Give it a shot if you have pizza stored in a refrigerator. 

Steps to reheat leftover pizza in a microwave the right way

Reheating leftover pizza in a microwave may not be the best option. As mentioned, it leaves the crust chewy, and the toppings get soggy. However, if there is no other option, here is what you can do:

Note that you won't get the crispiness you desire, but it's edible. Well, it's better to have a warm pizza slice than a cold. 


Coming to the end of the article, we hope this post was helpful. Perhaps, you can try one of these methods next time when there is a leftover pizza. The three methods mentioned in the post to reheat pizza are easy and simple. 

Moreover, it's hassle-free plus allows you to enjoy warm and crisp pizza. You can also use a microwave to heat the cold pizza, but the outcome may not be great. Unlike oven or skillet, which deliver an excellent result, microwave-heated pizza is chewy. But you can give it a shot by following the steps mentioned in the article. 

Nevertheless, it’s better than wasting food. You still get to have warm food instead of having it cold.