How To Reheat Pizza In The Oven

how to reheat pizza in the oven

There is nothing like biting into a hot piece of pizza filled with cheese, your favorite veggies, and meat. But no matter how much you love it, you can’t finish a whole pizza every time. 

Sometimes, you’ll have leftovers, but cold pizza isn’t something you want to consume. The good news? You can reheat pizza and enjoy it just as when it’s fresh. While there are other methods to reheat it, the oven is the first choice.

So, if you’re wondering how to reheat pizza in the oven, check out below.

Step-By-Step Guide For Reheating Pizza In The Oven

It’s vital to note that different types of pizza will require different temperature settings, and results can also vary. 

You can also try with different temperatures, like 375 degrees Fahrenheit. But while it retains the crispiness, the pizza can become harder to chew. It could also become drier and lose its flavor. However, it depends on the variety, as the pepperoni may come out better than a cheesy one at this temperature.

Other Methods To Reheat Pizza


It’s another method to reheat your leftover pizza. However, you must choose the right utensil, and for this, a non-stick pan is a better option than a cast-iron pan. The latter may burn the bottom, and you’ll have a burnt crust instead of a crispy one. 

Air Fryer

You can also reheat your pizza in an air fryer, and it’s the fasted method to do so. However, it has its downside, as you can only reheat one piece at a time. The other ingredients in the pizza may also get burned. 

Toaster Oven

You can use this method if you have only one or two pieces of pizza to reheat.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reheating Pizza In The Oven


We learned that using the oven is the best method for reheating pizza. But what are the exact benefits of using an oven for this purpose? Curious? Let’s find out.


While there is no horrible negative aspect to reheating pizza in the oven, it does have slight disadvantages.

What Not To Do With Leftover Pizza?

Remember that if you put your remaining pizza in the fridge, it can remain in good condition for up to four days. You can simply reheat it and enjoy your favorite snack, But there are some things you mustn’t do with leftover pizza, or you’ll have to put it in the garbage can.

What Can You Do With Leftover Pizza?

If you don’t wish to eat your pizza as it is after reheating it, there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy it. You can make

Final Thoughts

The next time you have any leftover pizza, don’t throw it away. Warp it nicely and keep it in the fridge. You can reheat and eat it and also make several items mentioned above.

You can enjoy the pizza in different ways and not feel bored.