How to reheat steak

how to reheat steak

Everyone loves a good piece of steak for dinner, but sometimes there can be leftovers, especially when you indulge in multiple side dishes. In such situations, you can save the leftover meat and keep it for consumption later.

Saving it for later doesn’t always mean that you have to eat it cold. You can reheat the leftover piece of steak and have a wonderful meal. You cannot expect it to taste the same as the first time, but it will still be tasty and have the right texture if you reheat it properly.

There are multiple ways to reheat a leftover steak, such as skillet, oven, stovetop, etc. This article will discuss how you can reheat a leftover steak to ensure it is as good as the freshly-cooked one.

Using a Skillet to Reheat Steak

Reheating leftover steak on a skillet is a bit labor-intensive, and you must be attentive while searing the meat. If not done correctly, the searing method can backfire and leave you with a burnt exterior and a cold inside.

However, if you get it right, searing is the best way to reheat your leftover steak as it is a faster process. You only need a stovetop and a skillet with a bit of oil or butter.

Let us look at the steps involved in using a skillet to reheat a leftover steak.

Using a Microwave to Reheat Steak

If you have a microwave at home, you can reheat your leftover steak in a short amount of time. It takes the least time to reheat food in a microwave compared to an oven, skillet, etc.

Your steak may turn out dry if you reheat it in a microwave, so it is always advisable to add some remaining juice or packaged beef stock before you put it in.

Let us look at some of the steps involved in using a microwave to reheat a steak.

Using an Oven to Reheat Steak

Most people use the oven to reheat their steak as it is the best method and does not take much work. Slow-cooking the steak in an oven at low heat will produce the best result.

Reheating a leftover steak at a high temperature makes it warm on the outside and cold inside. A burnt exterior and cold interior don’t sound that appealing, so it is best to slow-cook at a low temperature.

Below are the steps you can follow to reheat a steak using an oven.

Using an Air Fryer to Reheat Steak

Everyone looks to own an air fryer because it fries food using a healthier method – hot air. Reheating steak using an air fryer is simple; you must place the meat on the fryer’s basket, close the lid, and let it cook.

You must cut the meat into smaller pieces to get reheated faster. The hot air that circulates the meat will make it crispy and crunchy on the outside.

Let’s look at how reheating steak in an air fryer works.


Leftover steak can be eaten cold, but there is no feeling better than having it warm. If you want to reheat the leftover steak, you can do it using an oven, skillet, microwave, air fryer, etc.

Reheating the steak using low heat is the best way to retain all the moisture and helps the meat get cooked evenly. However, if you don’t like waiting, you can use a microwave or the skillet to reheat your steak in a couple of minutes. For more moisture, you can add some remaining steak juice or beef stock to the meat.